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Congratulations to our winners of the 2014 CTO Missouri Youth Sportsman's Charity Raffle. All proceeds went to help young boys go to summer camp this year. Thank you to all who participated in this years Camp Scholarship Raffle.

As we end our 2014 CTO camp season with an amazing fruitful summer, we enter into the upcoming hunting season with an unexpected incident, but know that God will use this for His purpose.

Jim & Eva Shockey + Wicked Tuna = Fun at CTO North Carolina's State Banquet at Overton's Warehouse in Greenville on Sunday, Nov 9th!

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Summer camp 2014 was a year of  success on more than one level. The greatest success was seeing 2 young men come to Christ. They chose Jesus to be the leader of their lives and made a public proclamation in the form of baptism.

I wish I could take credit for what you are about to read but in reality the glory has to go to God! This year’s summer camp was held at Camp Cender in Fisher, Illinois. This location allowed for a lot of our activities to be in the same place reducing travel time and fuel expenses. Reducing the travel time was a major part of our summer camp plan this year. We wanted to allow the boys at camp to have more time building their relationship with God and spending more time studying His word, rather than being cramped up in vehicles traveling from place to place.

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Because of summer approaching and the best time of year for fishing we held our first Sportsmens’ Night Fishing Derby throughout May and June. The Youth were broken up into three teams: Bluegill Bombers, Bass Busters, and Crappie Cowboys. Each week the teams would work to catch the most fish for their team.

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