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by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Summer camp 2014 was a year of  success on more than one level. The greatest success was seeing 2 young men come to Christ. They chose Jesus to be the leader of their lives and made a public proclamation in the form of baptism.

I wish I could take credit for what you are about to read but in reality the glory has to go to God! This year’s summer camp was held at Camp Cender in Fisher, Illinois. This location allowed for a lot of our activities to be in the same place reducing travel time and fuel expenses. Reducing the travel time was a major part of our summer camp plan this year. We wanted to allow the boys at camp to have more time building their relationship with God and spending more time studying His word, rather than being cramped up in vehicles traveling from place to place.

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Because of summer approaching and the best time of year for fishing we held our first Sportsmens’ Night Fishing Derby throughout May and June. The Youth were broken up into three teams: Bluegill Bombers, Bass Busters, and Crappie Cowboys. Each week the teams would work to catch the most fish for their team.

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Cross Trail Outfitters of Illinois has had the opportunity to visit two Champaign area churches this summer. One being First Christian Church (FCC) near interstate 57 and Curtis Road. The other being First Baptist Church of Champaign at Savoy (FBC), in Savoy, IL.

As the State Director of Illinois I really enjoy getting to share the ministry of CTO with the body of Christ. CTO is a very unique and effective ministry reaching new believers for the body of Christ. Sharing this ministry with other fellowships is always an exciting and uplifting experience.  As you would expect not every person at these churches is interested in hunting and fishing, but they are always interested to hear about the impact we are having on the community and the youth that God has entrusted to us.

by Janie St. Pierre, Staff Writer

Cross Trail Outfitters took part in the Vermilion County Gun, Knife, & Hunting Show. Along with enjoying the many exciting booths, our CTO youth hosted the archery range. Participants young and old went through range safety; including whistle commands and basic steps for shooting.  This was one of the first opportunities for our Trail of the Guide youth to step into their leadership roles.


by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

Family Night is a time when we all can get together and celebrate what each of our sportsmen have accomplished.  We celebrated our last Family Night April 30th. Participants were able to have an open discussion with Illinois Department of Natural Resources Officer John Williamson about the upcoming changes in regulations. Many questions were answered as to why certain changes were being made about hogs, bears, and cougars, that have made their way into the woods of Illinois, and what to do if you were to come into an encounter with one of these animals.

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

There are all kinds of different reasons to look forward to spring. We experience a rebirth of vegetation, the sun hangs in the sky a bit longer, and the season opens for harvesting that noble gobbler the Turkey.

This year we were able to take big step with the leadership of CTO, and I personally couldn't be more excited. “A leader is great not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.” John Maxwell. Our first turkey hunt of the season was all Guide lead. Guide is our CTO term for volunteers who take the youth into the field; the “Guide” both guide the hunt and guide the youth on their path to/with Christ.

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