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by Janie St. Pierre

December 17th marked a night of Christmas celebration as the families of Cross Trail Outfitters gathered for food, fun, and drumroll please…. taxidermy.  That’s right, no Christmas celebration would be complete without a detailed explanation of how to mount one of Santa’s reindeer, or in this case a distant cousin of the reindeer. Local taxidermist, and friend of CTO, Carl Parks took us through the journey of mounting a buck harvested by CTO Guide, Mike Hall.

by Eric 'Bear' St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

I was extremely excited when we had our last outing of the year, not because it was our last weekend, but because of who was attending. Our last outing represented the reach of Cross Trail Outfitters. We has two Sportsmen coming from Chicago, two coming from Central Illinois, and two coming from Southern Illinois. I was excited to see these young men come together for this final weekend and see what the Lord had in store.

These Sportsmen were a little older all were in High School and all have been walking with the Lord for some time.  You would say that they were a little seasoned.  These young men were no strangers to the CTO campfire. That had all been here before, but God had something special for them this night. The Question was, “What’s stunting your spiritual growth?” and the Scripture Holy Spirit gave to us was from James 1:5

by Eric 'Bear' St. Pierre Illinois State Director

As I was outside putting the bows away at one of the CTO trailers. I started to realize that the air was making my face hurt. I started to remember a meme that said, “Why do I live in a place where the air makes my face hurt?” Then I remembered those big ol’ bucks I've seen this year, and thought, “That’s why!”

As I continued to get the work done I was wishing I had brought one of my masks with me. Masks can be good in situations like these. They can protect you from the harshness of the elements, they capture the heat, and some masks are designed to protect you from disease! In a hunting situation they can help you from being noticed, help you blend in, and almost make you invisible to the eye.

by Eric St. Pierre, Illinois State Director

When you think of Illinois deer, you think about huge, hulking corn stuffed monsters. Our deer are well fed, and the amount of meat you can harvest off an Illinois deer could feed a small army, or maybe even the army of sportsmen who attended our CTO hunting weekend! We have had a surplus of food in the CTO trailer and freezer, and I wanted to get out all the old before it started going bad. The chips were already getting stale, but the salsa was still fresh. No problems there, right?

A problem we did have turned out to be the canned goods I always thought were vegetables. Instead, they turned out to be pie filling we had used for cobblers made in Dutch ovens. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try our cobbler, well, you’re missing out on a dessert that was handed down directly from God’s Kingdom.

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