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CTO Summer Camps are under way, and there's still time to help CTO youth pay for camp by purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win 1 of 3 amazing prizes - your choice! 

Holly writes:

I was putting Hunter to bed tonight and we were praying together as we always do. He looked up at me and said, Mom, I proclaim Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I want to dedicate my life to Him. Wow, that blew me away! Thank you Ben and Joshua and Cross Trail Outfitters North Carolina for having such an amazing impact on my son's life!

Presley writes:
   Recently I heard Rev. Jimmy Evans say, "Nothing releases the dream in a child/ the destiny in a child more than the favor of a parent."  When a parent goes to a child and says 'We believe in ' 'You've got what it takes' dreams are released. This is what CTO ministries does for children all over!  This is a ministry with anointed men of God who are seeking God on behalf of the heart of children.  In a society were homes are broken and parents are hard at work, CTO provides a place where children can be encouraged to discover their destiny in God.  They do this in the coolest of ways!  CTO takes these kids into the outdoors and teaches them skills that they will keep forever!
    We decided to become 'Root Partners' with CTO to support Josh East.  Knowing him, we knew that every child that come into contact with Josh would be blessed, challenged, and have a hunger to know God more.  It wasn't until our son got to experience CTO ministries that we realized the fullness of this ministry! Whether you are parents in need of a mentor for your child, or someone looking for a ministry to support, CTO is a great place to start.  Partnering with a ministry that is giving back to the families in my community is priceless.  Whether its my son, your son, or my neighbors, I know that Josh East and CTO ministries is helping children everywhere realize that God has a destiny for them.  We are so thankful to be part of what God is doing with Cross Trail Outfitters because it truly is a ministry for the children that is impacting families and communities one child at a time.




from Lisa Milam - Parent of a Sportsman

My son Drew has been blessed to be a part of Cross Trail Outfitters. My son’s father has not been in his life since he was three. He has been able to do things in CTO that I never thought he would get to do during his childhood. Thanks to the men of CTO, Drew now has good male Christian role models that have a love for the Lord and the outdoors.

a letter from Jessica to CTO Executive Council Member Kevin Logsdon

Thank you so much for all those hand warmers! You made everyone in my shop's day when they saw all of those! We were going through them like crazy & all those you sent lasted us right up until it warmed up!

From Jay Creek - Parent of a Sportsman

I wanted to pass along my sentiments concerning CTO’s impact on my step-son Evan.  As you know, Evan and I have been attending CTO’s weekly group meetings for about 4 weeks.  Two weeks ago, Evan officially joined CTO as a certified member and it has been all that he has talked about.  The content of the material (i.e., hunting, camping, etc) has always been an interest for Evan, so having opportunities to attend these events means the world to him.

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